2nd open meeting of Members & Partners Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Legal & Economic Sciences Building Conference Room 319 (3rd Floor) Thessaloniki 7 November 2022, 10.00 - 17.00 "CHORUS CLUSTER" invites you to the 2nd Open Meeting of Members & Partners. During the event, the actions and initiatives of CHORUS CLUSTER in the field of "internal & external" synergies and Partnerships developed during the current period will be presented, a dialogue will be developed to undertake joint initiatives of the Members, Contributors and Partners in a framework of reciprocity and will be analyzed Business opportunities for the development of cooperation in the fields of Green Development, Digital Transition, Clean Energy, Circular Economy and European extroversion. As part of the Conference, the work and the Business opportunities created in the context of the Agreement will be presented: "Subcontractor Agreement on providing dedicated support under the European Commission's service contract EISMEA/2021/OP/0005 European Cluster Collaboration Platform Between CHORUS The Clean Energy Cluster and IMPĀ³ROVE - European Innovation Management Academy" representing the Consortium in the Contract with the European Innovation Council & SMEs Executive Agency" (EISMEA). The new "ENGINE FOR SOUTH EUROPEAN DEEP TEC" initiative will also be presented within the framework of the Conference. The Consortium S3E - Southern European Entrepreneurship Engine, as an initiative of the European Commission within the Horizon Europe program, is starting its ROAD SHOW in Thessaloniki for the launch of S3E's goal which is to mobilize an "ENGINE OF GROWTH" ) to improve the connectivity and efficiency of Entrepreneurship ecosystems in Southern European countries. The focus is on accelerating startups and SMEs working on Deep Tech solutions can deliver long-term sustainability through social development and economic growth in these countries.