Our world is facing serious environmental challenges such as the climate change, the depletion of natural resources and biodiversity loss. Much of the responsibility relies on the industrial and construction operations. In addition, rising energy prices, carbon pricing and emerging environmental legislation make a strong case for actions.
Fortunately and despite the fact that Greece was never as industrially developed as many EU countries, it does possess important entrepreneurial and technological capacities for the development of clean industrial and construction processes, which perhaps have not been harnessed to date.
CHORUS creates the framework conditions that are key to the competitiveness of both traditional and eco driven industries by:
  • facilitating the operation of joint networks and multi-stakeholders research platforms that catalyze the generation of new and innovative ideas concerning industrial processes “cleaning” 
  • accelerating the technology – application transition by helping the demonstration of the commercial potential of innovative environmental technologies
Sectors: Clean production | Clean construction | Eco-friendly materials
Offer: R&D, technical surveys, manufacturing, installation, operation control, maintenance, audits, optimization