Transportation is a major contributor in global climate change. According to the International Energy Agency, it accounts for almost 23% of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel combustion. Therefore transportation is the prime target for reducing air pollution and obtaining sustainable development. Thus green transportation practices become all the more a necessity.
In Greece, 40% of the total energy consumption comes from the transport sector. The country is one of the most depended in terms of fuel imports. Almost 20% of the Greek private vehicles uses old technology. The fleet of heavy vehicles is the oldest in comparison to other EU countries. Greece ranks no 1 in the private vehicle utilization frequency. Concerning logistics that are responsible for 1/3 of CO2 transport emissions in EU, an increase up to 50% is expected until 2050.

CHORUS facilitates the cooperation between R&D and the regional business community in the green transport area and acts as catalyst in accelerating the development of innovative technologies to improve vehicle efficiency, to shift to low CO2 fuels, to advance the performance and use of hybrid vehicles.

Sectors: Emission control | Hybrid vehicles | Fleet tracking
Offer: R&D, technical surveys, manufacturing, installation, operation control, maintenance, audits, optimization