To ensure sustainable growth we have to use our resources in a smarter, more sustainable way. Many natural resources are finite, we must find an environmentally and economically sustainable way of using them. It is also in the economic interest of businesses to make the best possible use of their resources. Industry has already recognized the strong business case for improving resource productivity.
In a circular economy the value of products and materials is maintained for as long as possible; waste and resource use are minimized, and resources are kept within the economy when a product has reached the end of its life, to be used again and again to create further value.
The Greek industry has started to recognize that pumping resources back into productive use again and again, cutting waste and reducing dependence on uncertain supplies is a direct route to improving resilience and competitiveness. Nevertheless, Greek enterprises are held back by a range of technological, financial and behavioral barriers.
CHORUS in total connection and synergy with its overall vision for the sustainable development of the Regions of Northern Greece and the whole country as well, supports enterprises through its holistic and integrated thematic approach to improve their resource management and the transition to a circular economy model by acting as facilitator and catalyst
  • for the adoption of the industrial symbiosis model by engaging diverse organizations in a network to foster eco-innovation and long-term culture change
  • for the creation and sharing of knowledge among its members yielding mutually profitable transactions for novel sourcing of required inputs and value-added destinations for non-product outputs, as well as improved business and technical processes
  • for the efficient transition from the least favored waste management options to the most favored ones (disposal -> energy recovery -> recycling -> reuse -> minimization -> prevention)
Sectors: Waste (Industrial, Agro, Urban) | Water
Offer: R&D, technical surveys, financing, licensing, manufacturing, installation, operation control, maintenance, audits, optimization