The value chain is nowadays often part of global networks, and cooperation linkages among the cluster members are not necessarily based on the physical co-location. CHORUS maintains for the benefit of its members a large network of local and international collaborators embracing industry, SMEs, research centers, academia, financing bodies, State and local authorities, innovation actors, etc.

CHORUS operational team aspires to provide targeted and effective networking services to its members acting inwards and outwards clusters’ boundaries by:

  • assisting to identify needs and requirements and to set up an active networking member profile,
  • breaking down the barriers to speed synergies on projects and collaborations among the members with company visits, social events, idea/problem pitching sessions, etc
  • implementing matchmaking activities range from small workshops and seminars on specific topics to more general conferences on cluster’s focus areas, as well as other more informal events
  • maintaining a valuable database of contacts, from research to manufacturing and financing partnerships
  • seizing networking opportunities with other clusters, cluster networks, business groups, associations, etc
Promotion & Communication
Clusters and cluster members striving for excellence need to stand out as a point of reference in their field, within international markets and global value chains. This is why they need to brand and market themselves.

CHORUS members benefit from an enriched promotion and communication activities list targeting to increase opportunities and visibility such as:

  • Promotion of cluster members at significant trade shows and conferences related to clusters’ focused areas
  • Promotion of cluster members at key policy makers and innovation actors
  • Promotion of cluster members through clusters’ website and related social media
  • Through a media relations program with press conferences and company interviews
  • Special events
  • Targeted training and advising from experts on the most useful communication disciplines and tools to reach members’ target audiences and create international visibility.
R&D Projects Management
A strong product innovation approach is a company essential in order to boost its position within the high competitive global markets of today and tomorrow. Innovation, derives directly through research and development. Therefore R&D project management is the core activity of any competitive cluster with technological profile.

Apart from this, any joint project development with low or zero innovative impact (i.e. optimization/problem solving of an existing process or product performance) is considered as a crucial part of our cluster activity as well and a severe opportunity for its members to improve their product/services portfolio or to reduce their operating costs.

At CHORUS, a range of R&D project management services is implemented by:

  • setting up the technological innovation needs’ profile for each member
  • matchmaking the best partners for collaborative R&D projects
  • providing a large network of research experts deriving from the clusters’ members coming from the research area and their global partners
  • finding actors to support / finance the projects
  • helping to keep every project on track till its successful completion
  • providing valuable information and knowledge through targeted educational & training activities in the area of R&D Projects and Innovation.
Education & Training
Technical workshops and training seminars on state of the art, future trends and emerging technologies relevant to CHORUS focus areas, are supported by the cluster and its network of collaborators, internationally acknowledged researchers and scientists, industry experts and practitioners. Mutual learning among all cluster members is equally supported and facilitated through the organization of frequent member’ meetings.

Innovation management

Understanding innovation not only from the technology – push point of view but also and foremost from the social network theory, CHORUS organizes courses for its members with the aim to acquaint them with well-established knowledge and innovation management techniques. From IPR protection and market intelligence techniques to process improvement tools and from cooperative and networking skills to creativity development techniques, CHORUS innovation management courses are designed to provide its members with the tools to adapt to circumstances and meet current and future market challenges in a systematic way.


While CHORUS does not directly provide funding for projects, we can help give your company / organization access to resources, networking and partnerships to help you attract funding. CHORUS members can acquire knowledge and experience on funding opportunities by accessing up to dated information during their participation to

  • organized meetings with fund managers
  • info days on available funding frameworks, financing instruments, open and forthcoming calls for proposals relevant to the cluster’s focus areas (EU and National research and innovation financing programs)
  • workshops on alternative options for financing innovation (risk capital, crowdsourcing etc)
  • training seminars on how and where to mine for more funding opportunities at worldwide level.